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New Logo Annonecment

Mermeren Kombinat AD Prilep is a company with an established history of sixty-five years, focused on following the new trends as a means of growing, expanding and improving what it does.

In an effort to further solidify our position as a one of the leaders in the industry, we are pleased to announce and present our new corporate logo.

Since the logo is the visual means by which we communicate our values and differentiate ourselves from other companies, we’ve decided on a new one that includes and communicates many of the essential qualities we are known for, as well as those that we want to add to our company as we look at the future.

The logo represents three blocks of our unique, fine-grained white dolomitic marble with the trademark BIANCO SIVEC®, placed next to each other so that they form the letter “M” (that stands for “mermeren”, meaning “made of marble”).The number of the blocks symbolizes the three main pillars that our company is based on for its growth: Unique Resources (both human and natural), Satisfied Customers and Respect to the Environment. The three blocks refer to the Sivec trademark and its unique whiteness and pureness that enjoy a remarkable global reputation.

Our company keeps changing, growing – we keep evolving. This evolution is heralded by the logo, among other things. With our new logo we mark a new era of a more visible presence on the global markets; we mark the continuation of a great collaboration with our customers and - as we have successfully done for so many years – a continuation in improving all the processes connected to the supply of our famous marble to clients from all the corners of the world.